Johan Engman - Founder & Owner

I was born and raised in Östersund, Sweden before moving to San Diego in 1997 at the age of 16. One year later, I moved out on my own while still in high school, working nights as a dishwasher to pay my rent. I was promoted to busser, then server, and continued working at multiple restaurants throughout San Diego until I was 25 years old. Realizing my passion for the industry, I gave myself two years to save money to open my own restaurant.

On October 9th, 2008 I opened Fig Tree Cafe in Pacific Beach with a shoestring budget of $45,000. After three months of losing money, I was faced with a tough decision. Do I close the restaurant and make some drastic changes to my life, or somehow come up with a way to keep the doors open? Many people suggested that I close the place down. "The economy is terrible Johan, nobody will blame you for closing," they’d say. Due to my stubbornness and determination, I decided that under no circumstances would I throw in the towel. I limited the hours of operation for the restaurant as much as possible, and finagled my way into a full-time job in the accounting department of a pharmaceutical company (long story on how I managed to pull that off without any experience). I managed to pay my personal bills and offset the losses of the restaurant for three years after opening, until we finally turned a profit. In 2011, I left the corporate job and opened Fig Tree Cafe's second location in Hillcrest followed by its 3rd location in Liberty Station in 2013.

I've always been an avid traveler. It’s a way for me to recharge my batteries, while being inspired by new countries, cultures and cuisines. I vividly remember being in my hut next to the Danum River in the rainforest of Borneo during a day when it couldn't seem to stop pouring down rain. I was thinking about Fig Tree Café and the aspects of its concept that could be improved. In lieu of drastically changing it, I decided to conceptualize a new restaurant utilizing what I'd learned from opening and running Fig Tree Café. I knew I wanted to simplify things, and also ensure that the consumer could identify and relate to the concept. I believed that breakfast was a severely underserved market and had lots of room for growth, not to mention that the San Diego consumer really seemed to love the first meal of the day, along with the boozy brunches that come with it.

Twelve hours later the rain was still pouring and the name "California Breakfast Republic" was born. The original idea for the logo was not what it is today, but not terribly far from it. I continued adding ideas such as a heavy emphasis on design and branding, a menu that was unique, yet still offered the classics, and incorporating hidden puns and quotes throughout the restaurant that the consumer would discover over multiple visits.

Breakfast Republic (I decided to drop "California" from the name) opened its doors in North Park on July 26th, 2015. The attention to detail (such as quirky quotes printed on the undersides of coffee cups, funny and sarcastic sayings on our napkin bands, life-sized “egg” chairs, bathroom “music" and mirrors along with custom-made branded t-shirts and caps) were a hit from the beginning.

Almost exactly one year later Breakfast Republic's second location in Liberty Station opened, followed by five more spots over the next 2½ years. New Breakfast Republics continue to pop up in San Diego, expanding to Orange County and beyond. My restaurants are under the umbrella of Rise and Shine Restaurant Group, which includes my other successful restaurants; El Jardin and North Park Breakfast Company with more to come. Stay tuned!

In addition to owning and operating restaurants I enjoy traveling and enjoying the outdoors with my fiancé Yasmin and our 2 dogs. We are also guilty of immersing ourselves in a good Netflix binge from time to time.