Denise Velasco - Accounting

Denise is native of San Diego and has lived in multiple areas of the county from inland La Mesa to the coast of Imperial Beach. Denise started out her career in the accounting field but has ventured in other industries including veterinary, real estate, restaurant, and manufacturing. Along with working in various industries, Denise has worked a variety of roles including being a warehouse worker, inventory analyst, veterinary assistant, as well as a barista and cook but mostly had administrative/accounting roles. After taking on so many different roles in various companies, the food and beverage industry is where she worked the bulk of her career. Working for Coca Cola and AleSmith Brewing thereafter, she realized that she really wanted to get into the restaurant industry again. Denise truly enjoyed her time in the restaurant industry and the lifestyle it entailed. This is how she ended up at Rise and Shine.

In her free time, Denise enjoys spending time with her family, going outdoors, having a local craft beer (or two) and reading.